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  Healing by Energy

Healing by Touch

Reflexology CHI (qi) is an umbrella of

Holistic and Functional healing modalities

that focuses on the whole individual


​Reflexology CHI (qi),


a 5 part series presentation titled

  Before you can

Heal Thyself

you must

Know Thyself

          It's All About You!           


"It's difficult to heal when

you don't know what needs healing."

   Before you can Heal Thyself you must Know Thyself

is a five-part health and nutritional series that

takes you on a life-changing journey of natural

healing by discovering and knowing the most

important being on the planet,

and that is you.

The series is designed to gradually build on the understanding of the connections between

nutrition, lifestyle, environment, your health,

and how they relate to your unique biochemistry.

It's All About You!

 Upcoming Event  Mar 29th

Part 1 

Juices Designed Just For You

      One Day Juice and Water Fast

Class & Group Fast

Juicing for your

biochemistry and health conditions​

Juice Class - Sun, Mar 29th, 2 pm to 4 pm

Group Fast - Sat, Apr 4th - Sun, Apr 5th

A Healthy U

11704 s Western Chicago, IL 60643

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       Reflexology                                                          Chi          

                                What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient acupressure therapy and a manual compression modality that can be applied to the feet, body, hands, face, and ears.  It is used to guide the life force energy anywhere in the body to help stimulate, unblock, and promote healing of the internal organs and systems.  

                                              What is Chi?

 Chi (qi), is the Chinese word that is used to describe the life force energy that flows through all things.  

Chi (qi), is a word used to describe energy.

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 The life force energy in our food and water has a direct connection to the quality of our health.

Reflexology Chi (qi), pronounced (Chee),

uses life force energy

in modalities & nutrition to help

balance the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.