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About Semala

Semala Telegba RF, CKV, FNP, RMT, FNLP is a Functional Medicine, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Nutrition Life Coach, Reflexologist, Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker Practitioner, Educator, and Health Lecturer.

Semala graduated from SOHMAR (School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology) and Functional Nutrition Labs (Science and Art of Functional Nutrition and Medicine) and has certifications and studied a variety of holistic modalities under many healers and teachers.

Semala's passion, practice, and interests are at the human DNA, cellular and molecular level. His practice and fields of study includes Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Blood Groups.

Semala began his holistic career in 1998 as a result of healing himself from multiple health conditions years prior. However, years before, being overweight, toxic, and in chronic pain, he was well on his way to more severe health conditions. 

Years of studying the human anatomy and having the understanding of how the functions of the body worked, he lacked in the knowledge and education of nutrition. However, in 1996, it took 3 excruciating kidney stones, and a couple of weeks later, a case of food poisoning, to finally convince him to change his diet to vegetarian.

Combining his knowledge of how the body works and his new field of education, Nutrition, he became vegan, then strictly raw. In 2001, Semala gave his first presentation to an audience of over 300, titled, 'The Dangers of Eating Meat.' It was the first presentation of it's kind during that time, and caused reactions ranging from disbelief, terror, anger, to concern and gratitude. This resulted in the adding the infamous Warning Label to his advertisements, posters and flyers.

Semala has been in Natural Holistic & Integrative Healing for over 24 years. He has searched and studied various sciences, therapies and modalities, utilizing or combining them to address and service the areas of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.  

Semala has grown built his practice based on his one rule, 'Before you can Heal Thyself you must Know Thyself .