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Before you can

Heal Thyself

you must

Know Thyself


Part 3

Meat-Based VS Plant-Based


Source Matters

Experience this enlightening presentation that

focuses on the importance of understanding your nutritional needs and the food sources that will

provide the highest quality of nutrients for the

most unique being on the planet, you!

It looks at how food sources can either provide

adequate nutrients for optimal health or deplete

them resulting in deficiencies and symptoms of underlying health conditions.

It explores the true but partial, the intentionally misguided information on food sources, and the

pros and cons of both Meat-based and Plant-based Nutrition, and how your biochemistry and health conditions dictate your nutritional needs.

By way, of nutrition, this is the third part of

understanding who you are.

Source Matters.

It's All About You!

Meat-Based VS Plant-Based Nutrition

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