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Before you can

Heal Thyself

you must

Know Thyself


Part 1

One Day Juice and Water Fast

Class & Group Fast

Juices Designed Just For You

The One Day Juice and Water Fast is a two-part program that not only brings understanding to the concepts and principles on how and why we juice, but it is also, by way of nutrition, the first part of this 5-part journey of understanding who you are.

In this class and group fast you will be learning how to juice for your own unique biochemistry and health conditions. You will be building and strengthening your immune system to help fight off and recover quickly from bacterial and virus infections.

This program begins with the class that includes: the education on the how, what, and whys of juicing, an individual head-to-toe analysis that is designed to target and improve nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, also you will have personal coaching with days of preparing the body for the One Day Juice Fast that is done in a group session by way of conference calls beginning that next Saturday after the Sunday 29th class.

The One Day Juice and Water Fast Class Begins

Sunday, March 29th from 2 pm to 4 pm


A Healthy U 11704 s Western Chicago, IL 60643

The One Day Juice and Water Group Fast Begins Saturday, April 4th - ending Sunday, April 5th

Group Conference Call

To Register for Class and Group Fast

Call or Text 708-491-5343 ask for Semala

Price $35.00

Transitioning Soup

Click here

Occasionally this fast is done together

with the program called the 

 5 am Sunrise Meditation Celebration & Breathwork

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