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Before you can

Heal Thyself

you must

Know Thyself


Part 1

One Day Juice & Smoothie Fast

Class & Group Fast

Juices Designed Just For You

The One Day Juice & Smoothie Fast is a two-part program that not only brings an understanding of the concepts and principles on how and why we juice, and create smoothies,  but it is also, by way of nutrition, part 1 of the 5-part journey of understanding who you are.

Program Price $45.00   'Pandemic Discount'

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PayPal @STelegba  or  708 491-5343

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In this class, you will learn how to juice and create smoothies for your own unique biochemistry and health conditions. Over the course of those two days, you will not only raise your nutritional levels but will also experience changes in your body as you become more aware of self.

There is one-on-one coaching designed to target and improve nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, as well as preparing the body for the One Day Juice & Smoothie Fast that is done in a group setting by way of conference calls beginning Friday, Sept 24th ending Sunday, Sept 26th.

One Day Juice & Smoothie Class 

Sunday, Oct 3rd, 9 am to 9:45 am

This is a Zoom presentation

One Day Juice & Smoothie Group Fast 

Beginning Friday, Oct 8, 7 pm

Ending Sunday, Oct 19th, 7 pm

Group Conference Call


D. W.

Chicago IL,  8/30/21

It was new to me and I was excited to see how the smoothies and juicing with the Vegetables worked. I liked the constant contact and group follow. We had group calls every 2-3 hours. We were able to reach out to the Nutritionist anytime we had a question. AWESOME!

The Nutritionist designed each juice or smoothie based on your health concerns. Information that was given during your one on one consultation.

One on one consultation

Focus on 1-2 of your health concerns first

Designing the Juices and Smoothie’s ESPECIALLY for your biochemistry

Access to the Nutritionist it seemed like 24/7 ( of course it wasn’t ). The Nutritionist was available to answer any questions or concerns. He was always there.

I learned to release whatever thoughts or ideas I might have or heard about juicing. I learned to trust the Nutritio

I felt full from drinking the juice and water and anxious to finish my last bottle of juice.  On the 2nd day I was more relaxed the Smoothies. were awesome. I continued with the routine with ease. I felt a change in my knees (not as stiff). And my eyes were not as puffy around the eyelids.

I would recommend this program to others without Hesitation. The information you learn and receive is for a lifetime.

D. D.

Chicago IL,  8/30/21

 I was good no side effects no discomfort at all.  I had few sugar cravings for candy etc.  I ignored them those cravings suck on lemon and cravings went away after few minutes.  

Semala is very educated and informative.  I learn so much about my body, food, and healing myself.   I learned a lot Natural Healing Education was the key for me.    Most of all you can tell Semala loves what he teaches.

Yes I loss 4Lbs during the 2 days Fast. I expelled lots of Mucus my 3rd day

I recommend this program to anyone.   Thank you Semala - You rock!



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