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Services & Special Services


Reflexology        $45 1h

Reflexology has been used to treat a

number of common ailments including

stress and stress-related conditions, 

sinuses,  tension headaches, arthritis, the

lymphatic system,  hormonal imbalance, 

constipation, back pain,  digestive disorders, and more.

In one session every organ and systems of    the body is manipulated and stimulated to

promote healing.


Ionic Foot Detox   $35 1h

with Reflex Foot Massage         

 Detoxing through the feet by way of Ions.     Ions have a soothing therapeutic effect on   the body. They stimulate, promote, and improve circulation as they help in detoxing the body. 

The feet are placed in warm water where a continuous series of negative ions are generated into the water. 

The ions penetrate the feet and supply

the body with an excess of negative ions

that act as free scavengers to the positive

charged  protons in all areas of the body.

The body is then naturally detoxed by the

ions,  and then drawn from the feet into the water.


Reflex Foot Massage $40 1h

This treatment works by targeting the

muscles of the feet and the muscles of

body as well.  A gentle foot massage that

helps in breaking up and removing toxins,

promoting overall relaxation, blood

circulation,  reduction of pain, and stress.

Holistic Health    $20 1h


Consulting on health conditions

and treatments.


Special Services

The Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot  Massage is a  unique,  powerful, stimulating and holistic  physiotherapy  that  helps balance the body, mind,  and spirit. It  also helps to re-balance the three   Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the body’s innate, natural,  instinctive,  energies.

In India Kansa Vatki means "bowl", the

session begins with the relaxing and

cleansing of the feet, then the massage is

performed by  hand, and others times witha 3 metal Kansa Vatki Bowl or Kansa Vatki Wand that is used  to  massage the  feet  and legs.


Reduces  swelling  of legs and feet,

improves blood  and lymphatic circulation,

helps in alleviating stress,  anxiety,

nervousness and depression,

relieves eyestrain from electronic screens,

contributes to restful sleep,

relaxes the mind, and helps to restore

the levels of energy, prana and more.

Experience an anti-flammatory,  anti-bacterial,   stress  reducing, detoxing, skin  rejuvenating, relaxing rose petal foot soak. 

The combination of both the massage and soak,  helps in reducing swelling of ankles  and feet,  calming stress hormones, allowing skin  and  organs to replenish, repair,  and  to  heal.                    This comes with a reflex foot massage  and hand  reflexology.


A 5-day Reflexology series of sessions
with multiple modalities.


All in One Session    $75 2h 

A Reflexology session

                      with multiple modalities.                    

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