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5am Sunrise Meditation Celebration July 2

A Day of You In Silence   In progress

 5am Sunrise Meditation Celebration 

Going Inside

Connecting to Nature   Connecting to Self

Going Inside
Connecting to Self         Connecting to Nature

Celebrating who you are!

Celebrating, transitioning, and shifting in the

 vibrations of the first rays of the new Sun. 

Meditation, breathwork, and discourses help in detoxing, raising awareness and vibrations, and connecting to your natural state.  It's All About you!

5 am Sunrise Meditation Celebration & Breathwork

55 th street Hyde Park Beach Chicago IL

Beginning 4:30 am to 12pm

You can leave whenever you like

Price: No Cost    Open to the public

Bring, yoga mat, blanket, meditation cushion to sit on.

If weather does not permit, then the event will be held the same time the next Saturday.

Please remember no food or drinks at the meditation site, many of the participants will be on a 36 Hour Dry Fast.   

Thank You


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