Before you can

Heal Thyself

you must

Know Thyself

Part 2

36 Hour Dry Fast

Class & Group Fast

No Food!  No Water!

The 36 Hour Dry Fast is a two-part program

that focuses on the most natural and ultimate

way of detoxing and cleansing. 

It is a deeper fast that allows you to connect with

the physical, emotional, spiritual,

and mental aspects of you.

This Fast is vibrationally heightened when you

bring the knowledge and understanding of what

you have experienced during the

One Day Juice and Water Fast.

This is the second part of the journey

of understanding who you are.

Fasting for eliminating, recovering, and transitioning.

It's All About You!   

This fast is usually done together with

the program called the

5 am Sunrise Meditation and Breath Work

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36 Hour Dry Fast Class

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36 Hour Dry Fast Group Fast

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